SuperPac 750XL-II

Now the 750XL just got better! We have added more power, a new quieter propellor and touch screen glass cockpit flight systems and avionics, to deliver a faster, quicker to climb and a lower fuel burning SuperPac with all the capability of the much loved 750XL.

Now with Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140A 900 SHP capable engine and Hartzell 4 blade 108” propeller

The most advanced diagnostic capabilities for utility aircraft

Garmin G600 TXi EFIS and GTN 650 avionics

This aircraft is quieter than the 750XL and uses 10% less fuel whilst still providing the same incredible short take-off and landing rolls. Nothing has changed there.

Climb performance is much improved, climbing to 13,000 feet in 10 minutes at full up weight, with an operating height of 20,000 feet.

Manoeuvrability at low speeds is still the same stable handling with a stall speed below 60 kts. The quality of manufacture remains. The SuperPac is dependable, durable and well built.

New 750XL-II SuperPac now available. Email for details.