E-350 Expedition

E350 Expedition

The E-350 Expedition is one of the most versatile aircraft on the market. Its five seat design coupled with industry leading useful load and full fuel payload means friends and baggage are rarely left behind. Its unique four door design, including two large rear cabin doors, allows for easy loading/unloading of people and cargo.

The Expedition offers the widest cabin in its class (53 inches) along with superior cabin volume. Each individual rear seat can be removed quickly and stored easily, adding to the Expedition’s versatility.

The Expedition’s rear cabin can accommodate anything from dirt bikes, kayaks, surf boards, skis to other large or bulky cargo.

The E-350’s true versatility is where you can use it. It is essentially three types of aircraft in one design: a crosscountry cruiser, a rugged backcountry bushplane, or a high-performance floatplane. Its rugged landing gear and STOL performance allows the Expedition to operate out of almost any airstrip.

Every Expedition comes standard with float attachment kits, so the E-350 can easily be turned into a big payload, high-performance floatplane.

E-350 Brochure

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